Plans Made for School Children

What To Do If Your Children Are In School

Go to the Temporary Host Facility for the school that your child attends. Be sure to use only those roads identified by authorities.

Students from South Haven, St. Basil’s and St. Paul Lutheran schools would be taken by bus to Fennville (formerly Anna Michen) Middle School in Fennville.

Students from Covert School would be taken to Hartford High School.

Students from Bangor, BISD Behavioral Education Center (Bangor) and Wood schools would be taken to Bloomingdale High School.

Students from Watervliet North Elementary School would be taken to Watervliet South Elementary School.

Students from Coloma Intermediate School, Coloma Elementary School and Salem Lutheran Preschool would be taken to Coloma High School.

Both students and parents could then choose to stay at a congregate care center until the emergency is over.