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Power Path

Power Path helps create a more energy-literate generation by expanding young people’s understanding of the benefits of safely managed radiation.

Fully developed presentations on radiation protection and activities explain the half life of uranium counter more common misinformation in pop culture and provide a better understanding of the safe work environment of a nuclear plant, the elevated safety and security that plant communities enjoy, and the viability of both short- and long-term used fuel storage.


These teaching aids are for the discussion of radiation and energy with an emphasis on nuclear energy. They serve to increase science processing skills and thereby science literacy. They are not just aimed at educating the population that will work in this industry in the future. The intent is to provide for broad-based education of future community leaders, politicians, and journalists thereby generating an energy-literate society.

The lesson plans and labs were created by a number of expert educators for use in junior high and high school classrooms to teach the concepts related to energy. They are for your use and the creators encourage you to augment or modify them to better fit the grade and/or subject matter that you teach.

The goal of combining professional educators with industry is to promote an energy-conscious and energy-educated society. By knowing the economic growth objectives from the business community’s point of view, teachers can combine the study of science, energy, social studies, and math with real-world experience to better prepare students for higher education studies and involvement in the corporate world.

The Power Path to Nuclear Energy program can spark early interest in nuclear science. We hope the curriculum will encourage students toward career choices related to science, engineering and mathematics and, specifically, nuclear power production. By helping create better educational opportunities for schoolchildren we also ensure a better future for our community, state and nation.


Information is presented through Power Path’s educational presentations, games and activities, in a professionally designed packet that includes a 120-page teachers’ guide, a full-color game piece packet, and where needed, a guide describing how the curriculum aligns with state teaching requirements.


• The curriculum was developed by nationally award-winning teachers who know what works in a classroom and what doesn’t.
• The 120-page teachers’ guide was developed as a comprehensive yet easy resource to use by teachers.
• All the materials are also available digitally in CDs that comes in the package so they can be reproduced for multiple classrooms.
• Game pieces can be reproduced exponentially from the digital CD resource allowing multiple group activities.
• The materials are improved and updated on a regular basis through teacher and classroom feedback.
• Materials include a PDF introduction and overview and PowerPoint slide show.

Contents of the Curriculum

Included in this package are three presentations intended to be delivered by a scientist or a science teacher. Two of them focus on radiation with the purpose of showing that natural radiation is part of our everyday lives and man-made radiation has many useful benefits and can be managed safely when handled properly. The other presentation compares and contrasts all energy forms and their impact on the environment. The purpose is to show that economic growth depends on an economical and efficient supply of electricity.

  • Half a Life is Better Than None- Understanding radioactive decay by using statistical methods to gather and compare data.
  • Tearing Through Half Life- Kinesthetic activity will help develop math, science and technology skills on a conceptual level that includes mathematical reasoning and science processing.
  • Mock Senate Sub Committee Hearing - Use accepted procedures to conduct an orderly and efficient debate in the form of a mock Senate sub-committee hearing to present a logical, realistic and convincing discussion regarding a current energy issue.
  • Alphas, Betas and Gammas Oh, My! - Understanding radioactive decay.
  • Nuclear Popcorn - Helps students visualize the rate of radioactive decay.
  • Power Production Old Maid - Understanding power production and capacity, methods, locations, conservation, etc.
  • Energy Trivia Game
  • Information sheets: Radioactive Decay of Uranium-238; Nuclear Engineering, Science and Technology
  • Glossary
  • Additional Resources
  • Energy Production Photo Library