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Palisades Power Plant

Taking its name from the surrounding barrier sand dunes on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, Entergy's Palisades Power Plant has been generating electricity safely, reliably and cost-effectively since December 31, 1971. On April 11, 2007, Entergy completed the plant purchase from Consumers Energy for $380 million. The purchase also included receipt of the used fuel at Consumers' decommissioned Big Rock Point Nuclear Plant, located in Charlevoix in northwestern Lower Michigan.

The Palisades site covers 432 acres in western Covert Township, Van Buren County, Michigan, which is located approximately six miles south of the city of South Haven and 45 miles west of the city of Kalamazoo. The unique sand dune environment on the site provides shelter for a plant -- the Pitcher's Thistle -- that is on federal and state threatened species lists. With a cream-colored leaf and yellow flower, the thistle can grow up to three and one-half feet tall only in Great Lakes sand dunes. Palisades' presence guarantees the Pitcher's Thistle survival there.

Palisades is one of Van Buren County's largest employers and is its largest taxpayer. As such, great importance has been placed in employee community involvement. Many of the 650 plant workers are involved in charitable groups, Habitat for Humanity, the United Way and civic organizations, as well as holding leadership roles and elected offices on local school, township and community boards.

Palisades Power Plant
Covert, Mich.



Energy Nuclear Palisades, LLC

Maximum Dependable Capacity: 811 MW

Reactor Type:

Pressurized Water Reactor

Reactor Manufacturer:

Combustion Engineering

Turbine Generator Manufacturer:


Architect/Engineer: Combustion Engineering

Commercial Operation Date:


License Expiration Date:


Cooling Water Source: Lake Michigan via mechanical draft
cooling towers
Number of Employees: 650
Counties included in Emergency Planning Zone: Allegan, Berrien and Van Buren

Environmental Impact

Generating electricity with nuclear energy prevents the emission of pollutants like sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) and greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (CO2) associated with burning fossil fuels.

During 2013, environmental emissions avoided due to nuclear power plant operation in Michigan included 57,521  tons of sulfur dioxide, 22,938 tons of nitrogen oxide and 24.95 million metric tons of carbon dioxide.*

Emissions of SO2 lead to the formation of acid rain. NOx is a key precursor of both ground-level ozone and smog. Greenhouse gases like CO2 contribute to global warming.

* Source: Emissions avoided by nuclear power are calculated using regional fossil fuel emissions rates from the Environmental Protection Agency and plant generation data from the Energy Information Administration.

Learn more about Palisades Power Plant: www.palisadespower.com