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Regulation and Laws

Entergy Nuclear is committed to the highest safety standards, recognizing that a safe plant runs reliably and efficiently, and that high safety performance engenders public, regulatory and employee confidence. Entergy recognizes its environmental leadership responsibility and firmly believes that it should be proactive in its efforts to protect, preserve and enhance the environment.

Entergy's nuclear plants have low environmental impacts and risks. Extensive government regulations over nuclear plant construction, operation and maintenance, coupled with multiple redundant safety systems, work together to ensure our plants' safety and security.

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is responsible for assuring that nuclear power plants operate safely and meet federal regulations. NRC inspectors work full-time at Entergy Nuclear plants, reviewing day-to-day activities and programs. Additional inspectors conduct several special inspections of specific areas and programs each year. Changes in plant design and operation are reviewed to assure they meet safety standards and comply with NRC regulations.