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License Renewal

Renewing the operating license of a nuclear power plant certainly can benefit a company and its community greatly. As the production cost of electricity from nuclear plants continues to drop, the value of generation from nuclear power increases. Given future U.S. nuclear plant license expirations, a significant amount of electrical generating capacity would be lost without license renewals. License renewal also creates "new" generation capacity at lower costs than using replacement generation from other sources.

What does Entergy Nuclear have to offer other nuclear companies in the field of license renewal? Experience. Knowledge. Dedication.

No one puts more into getting your licensed renewed than we do. Entergy Nuclear is the nation's fastest growing nuclear operating company. We've worked on 11 license renewal applications submitted to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on behalf of seven operating companies. We know how to minimize your costs and how to minimize the impact on your plant resources. For example, the Arkansas Nuclear One Unit 1 license renewal application took the NRC only 17 months to review and approve -- the shortest time of any review to date. From preliminary studies to engineering and environmental evaluations, to application preparation and implementation, no one generates better results.

We're a proven partner. And your future is safe with us.