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Business Services
Licensing Services

The challenges are tough.

We work in a demanding industry where only the best performance is acceptable. Entergy has management strength to turn your operation around, or take on a project leadership role for extended periods of time or to meet your project needs in flexible ways.

As a fleet operator, Entergy offers a unique service to current nuclear operating companies and works especially closely with non-nuclear companies considering nuclear as a fuel source for future electric power generation.

Nuclear Services

  • License application
  • License renewal
  • Decommissioning
  • New nuclear
  • Site studies
  • Fuel procurement
  • Dry fuel storage
  • Power uprates
  • Small modular nuclear reactor services

Management Services

  • Management for existing plants
  • Power uprate planning and implementation
  • Workforce planning staffing development

Consulting Services

  • Acquisitions
  • Generation IV high temperature gas-cooled reactor development