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About Us
Vision and Mission
History of Excellence

Vision and Mission

Entergy Nuclear is moving forward as one fleet.

Entergy Nuclear will be the premier provider of nuclear lifecycle services, enhancing value to our owners and customers.

As the industry's premier nuclear operator, we deliver safe, reliable and affordable electricity on behalf of our owners and stakeholders.

Our nuclear organization has identified factors critical to success:

Nuclear Safety is the Overriding Priority
Supporting and sustaining nuclear safety is a core value and an ethical commitment that must be present in every action.

Pursue High Levels of Plant Performance
Peak plant performance involves event-free operations with employees that are fully engaged.

Operate as One Fleet
Unity brings power. Together, people and organizations with a common goal create winning advantages.

Operate as a Business
To meet our commitments to employees, customers and stakeholders, we must first meet our own business commitments.

Develop a Highly Skilled, Knowledgeable Work Force
Entergy Nuclear is a "people" company as much as it is a "power" company.

Cultivate a Performance-Oriented Work Place
Accountability for realizing success is demonstrated at both the organizational and the personal levels.

Make Continuous Improvements Fundamental
Every member of our nuclear organization shares a common goal – continuous improvement that enhances our plants, our fleet and the quality of our lives.