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Donna Jacobs, Senior Vice President of Nuclear Strategy and Operations

Donna Jacobs is the senior vice president of nuclear strategy and operations, for Entergy Nuclear, headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi.  Prior to this position, Jacobs served as chief operating officer for the southern fleets and as senior vice president of engineering and technical services where she led fleet operations support, engineering and technical support for the fleet.

Jacobs joined Entergy Nuclear as senior vice president of planning, development and oversight. Her role included business development, nuclear quality oversight and operations support for the fleet including performance of training and security.  She served as vice president of operations for Waterford 3 Steam Electric Station from 2011-2014. In this role she led Waterford 3 through a safe and event-free steam generator and reactor vessel head replacement. 

Jacobs has more than 30 years of experience in the nuclear profession. Her background includes leadership positions in engineering, operations, work control, project management and a variety of roles in maintenance. She was vice president of nuclear services for Pacific Gas and Electric Company in Avila Beach, California, where she was responsible for equipment reliability, engineering, large capital projects, technical and support functions, and the seismic performance of all company assets.

Jacobs holds the distinction of being the first woman plant manager of a U.S. nuclear power facility and served as vice president of operations at Wolf Creek Generating Station. Noteworthy was her lead role in significantly improving safety and human performance and attaining top quartile performance in collective radiation dose exposure.

Jacobs was the 2006 recipient of the Women in Nuclear “Global Woman of the Year Award,” the first American to do so, and is a regular speaker at national nuclear venues, mentoring women and young professionals in the field.

The American Nuclear Society honored Jacobs as the 2009 winner of the Mary Jane Oestmann Professional Women's Achievement Award for technical leadership, lifetime achievement and outstanding contributions to the field.

She has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Wichita State University; a master’s degree in business administration at Emporia State University; and has earned senior nuclear reactor operator certification.

Updated 4/2016