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Joseph A. Kowalewski, Chief Operating Officer, Southern Fleet

Joseph A. Kowalewski was named chief operating officer for the five Entergy rate-regulated plants in the southern fleet. Prior, Kowalewski was vice president of operations for Entergy’s Waterford 3 since March 2009.

Previously, Kowalewski served as general manager of plant operations at Waterford 3. He built broad experience within the company, serving as director of engineering at Arkansas Nuclear One in Russellville. He also worked as a plant engineer, system engineering supervisor, electrical maintenance superintendent and system engineering manager.

During the six years he served as engineering director at ANO, he led the site through implementing significant improvements in plant equipment reliability and major strategic capital improvements to the plant resulting in: the first successful breaker to breaker run on Unit 2, a successful power uprate on Unit 2, and a combined steam generator replacement, reactor vessel head and polar crane upgrade setting a world record for this type of outage on Unit 1, a B&W design plant.

Prior to joining the company in 1988 he worked with Detroit Edison at the Fermi 2 Nuclear Plant in Monroe, Mich.

Kowalewski earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Rochester in New York.

Updated 01/2015